Woodhill Baptist Church, Woodhill Road

Built in 1902 by the Welsh Calvanistic Methodist Synod as a mission outreach church from Engedi in Woodland Road, it was known as Rhiw Chapel or “the chapel on the hill”.

In 1908 it became independent from Engedi, but gradually membership declined and it became empty for some years until 1935 when the Old Baptist Union bought it for £675.

This Baptist group had been formed in 1908 and had previously worshipped in Greenfield Hall, then a school in Douglas Road, and for a further 9 years in 90, Abergele Road.

The Baptist’s first service was held on 7th September 1935 when they re-named it “Ebenezer”, meaning “hitherto has the Lord helped us”.

Once again the name was changed in the 1980’s to Woodhill Baptist Church, thus describing its location.

It now has a flourishing congregation and during the past few years has started mission churches in Llandudno and Llanfairfechan.



The building is somewhat plain, built of red brick on a stone basement with a slate roof and plain ridge tiles. The front gable facing east onto Rhiw Road is of symmetrical design, with two windows to the sides of the porch and with three windows above.  A plaque is located on the porch but has no inscription. Simple brick string coursing above the window provides some decoration to the plain elevation.

The side elevation facing Woodhill Road is also simple and plain – brick buttresses with sandstone cappings dividing the elevation into three bays, each bay having two windows of simple leaded light lattice glazing.

Access to the chapel is from Woodhill Road, marked by sandstone gate posts and gates, then up a ramp to the porch.